Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh Nashville...

Oh please forgive me diligent reader. I know, I know i have not blogged in months but I do have some reasons why: 
-School- This could be a good enough excuse in and of it self since i am taking advanced classes but oh no there is more.
-Forensics- This is a class and an activity. This is the week that we host our tournament which means there is a lot more things to do and a lot more stress and pressure being passed among us. We have tournaments every weekend that go from approx. 1pm- 10 pm Friday and 7am- 5pm on Saturday.
-Church- I’m to trying to use this as an excuse, or as a more holy-er than though statement but i do spend a lot of time at church and my youth group and i am also on student leadership
-Drama team- I am the vice president of our youth groups drama team, which meet every week. We do skit and mimes for out youth group.
-Babysit- I baby sit for a couples discipleship bible study. I have fun but it takes a whole lot of energy. I think I’ll blog about her after I update the blog on everything else. I’ve been trying to decide what i could make her that wouldn’t be a mess and wouldn’t get her to wound up. Hmmm... I’ll be thinking about that.
-Discipleship- I do a bible study before youth every week with three other girl and our leader Carrie.
-Modern Language Club- I am a member of modern language club at school. It’s really fun and celebrates world cultures.
Sophomore Rep- I am sophomore representative at my school. 
Mud throwers- this is an after school club where we make ceramics/pottery.
FCA- I am apart of the leadership for FCA which is the Christian club that wehave at our school
Greece-Greece is coming up really close and i have been doing different fundraisers to raise money but I am getting really close to my goal!
And, if that is not enough I was nominated to be a South’s representative at these two leadership camps over the summer and I have to write an essay to turn in for them to decide on who South will send to represent the school.
To sum it all up, I’ve been a little busy. Whenever I am in the kitchen, i am usually on a strict time limit and don’t have the time to stop and take pictures and write down recipes as I am going along. So I am not going to share any new recipes with you write now but share some of my favorite place i like to go. Particularly, my favorite food places to go in Nashville TN! 
You Can’t Miss These
If you plan on going to Nashville or even if you are going to be just driving through, you can’t forget to stop by Marche (or Margo). Marche and Margo are sister restaurants both funded around the idea of using fresh local food to make the best tasting seasonal food possible. Both of their menus change week to week depending on what is in season. Everything Is always delicious, but My favorite meal to eat here would have to be brunch. I also do have a soft spot for their french toast. Any version of it is always good, but my favorite is their french croissant french toast. It is absolutely to die for. Their crepes and salads are always splendid as well. 
Check them out! http://www.marcheartisanfoods.com/
Mas Tacos
This place is off the hook. I could eat here for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then eat another taco for dessert and not get tired of it. It’s just that good. While the out side of the building does look a little rough, once as you take your first bite of that taco all your doubts will be washed away. When you walk in you see a cute array of mismatched furniture in a small but inviting space. They usually have 3-5 tacos every day, maybe a soup or bean dish or elote (corn). (And if they have corn you need to order it.) They also make their own salsas and sauces which are always superb. They offer homemade aqua frescas that are refreshing and unique; Also on the plus side, tacos are usually around $2! It has sort of become tradition to eat here the first night we go to Nashville and you should make it yours too. You won’t regret it. Follow them on twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/mastacos
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream
The foodie in you will just about have a heart attack upon entering this store. Upon entering, you will be met by the warm sweet smell of sugar and the coolness of cream. My favorite is goat cheese and cherries, or the Ugandan vanilla. Their vanilla ice cream isn’y plain at all but packs a punch. You definitely don’t want to miss trying out some of their delicious combinations.
Fido has long had a place in my heart. This whole section of town is one of my favorite. Sprinkled all across the street is cute shops and local restaurants that will keep you coming back again and again. Fido is a great hang out spot. On several occasions this has been where I chilled while waiting for my brother to get out of a meeting. Their coffee is delicious and their cake is my favorite hands down. Plus, they have las paletas!
When in need of cafeine, a snack or light lunch stop here! http://bongojava.com/fido.php

Las Paletas
These crazy flavored popsicles are worth every penny. (and available at Hot & Cold- which is right next to fido!) They don’t have an official website but here is some info. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/47/510992/restaurant/Melrose/Las-Paletas-Gourmet-Popsicles-Nashville
Burger Up
This is a really neat place. They use local beef to make their juicy one of a kind burgers. They have a great turkey burger and a great veggie burger too. Their fried mushrooms and their fried pickles are a must try. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of pickles (like me) or mushrooms, this concoction is a win.
Check it out at http://www.burger-up.com/

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