Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Before the Clock Strikes Twelve

Summer feels a bit like Cinderella. Not because Cinderella had step sisters and was practically a slave, nor because she married a prince because neither of these situations correspond to my life in any way. The part of Cinderella's story I can relate to is limited time. She only had until midnight which seems to be a lengthy amount of time, but before she realized it she needed to go and was frantically running to get on her way. This summarizes my summer quite well. At the beginning I felt like I had a hefty amount of time to be able to relax and accomplish a lot of things. (For example work on this blog.) Before I could even realized it, it is the last full week of summer and I am left with a long list of things I need to blog about. I've beenthinking that maybe if i show you the list of ideas for different posts there will be a bit of accountability in it somehow. Just maybe I will force myself to get all tasks completed versus leaving pieces out on the princes steps, leaving you hanging.

Future Posts to Look For 
***Note: Some posts already have titles but just need some body editing and some are still just thoughts or ideas and have not been thought through

-Bananas… argh funny
-Ultimate brownies
-Eggs for Vegetarians
-Puff! And Then There Was Pastry
-Bird in a Coffin
-Restraunt reviews 
        -Pizza Bells
          -Figtree Cafe
         -Eden Alley
      -The Mixx
                 -The Whistle Stop
-Throw Together Go-To Meals
-Nut Butters
-Protein and Granola Bars
-Salad Pizzas
-Chard of Many Colors
-The Muffin Method vs. the Creaming Method
-Grilled Chipotle Chicken
-Lunch Sack Packs

These are just the ones that I have already started to some degree so be on the look out for even more to come! 

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