Friday, June 3, 2011

Get Me to the Greek

As I write this, there is approximately 206 days,  19 hours, 2 mins, and 24 seconds until I will be on a plane headed toward the city of athens, some 5,000 miles away from Kansas City. I am going to Greece, not as a vacation but for a missions trip. My church supports a refugee feeding center there and we will be helping out there. Traveling that far away isn't cheap so I have been baking for trip. At my school I handed out bake sale forms and people turned them in with their money and I returned to them with baked goods. I did nearly a full day worth of cooking for just the people at my school. And when I say full day, I mean I was baking for nearly 24 hours. It was completely worth it though. I made 225 from sales at school, and more from friends and family. And don't worry, while i am over there I will be sure to take many pictures, and write about all the delicious food too.


  1. Did you take any pics of all your baked goods? Id love to see them! Im so excited for you for your trip! It will be life changing and I know Greece will be beautiful!!

  2. I did! I will be putting up a [post towards the end of the summer with lots of pics! I am so very excited, and don't worry-lots of pictures and posts will come about from going to Greece.