Thursday, June 2, 2011

What I'm All About

This is the story of how a girl changed from being one of the pickiest people on the planet to a vegetarian cook who loves food.

My name is Andrea and I love anything to do with food, which wasn't always true. Growing up I was extremely picky. I wouldn't even eat baby food when I was a baby. My childhood diet consisted of Macaroni and cheese (only certain shapes of macaroni though), peanut butter and honey sandwiches, graham crackers, and raisins (my Grandma convinced me that raisins were candy). Thankfully, there were 4 people that helped turn that around; It was Sarah (by brother's wife and girl friend at the time), Betty Crocker, Rachael Ray and Alton Brown. I received a cook book for Christmas when i was about 8, from my brother and his girlfriend. It was a Betty Crocker's kids cooking book, and the first thing they helped me make form the cookbook was an apple pie. I decided that I might as well try what I had made, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I liked it. The second person to revolutionize my view on food was Rachael Ray. Sarah loved Food Network so i started watching it too. I watched it nearly every day. Rachael was the one who taught me the basics. I started cooking for my family every once and a while, then nearly every week, then nearly every night, until I became the family cook. I then graduated on from Rachael Ray to the person who I am now currently a bit obsessed with -Alton Brown. On his show Good Eats, he breaks everything down so that you can understand why things are in a recipe. When you know why something is there in a recipe, and understand what it is doing for the dish you appreciate every component so much more. When you have a handful of knowledge, a few quality ingredients, and some time, Good Eats is bound to come about. And about me being a vegetarian, I say I am one habit. I don't see anything wrong with eating meat, I just have never been one who loves to eat it. I went for a few weeks without eating it last october, and when I tried to eat some chicken, it got me sick. So I decided, why not just become a vegetarian? And I did. Many of my recipes may be vegetarian, but don't get me wrong. I live with 3 other carnivores who really love a hunk of meat, so some of the things I cook may be meat dishes or could easily become a meat lovers dish.


  1. Hi Andrea!!! I love your blog :) Im so proud of you!! :) You are a FABULOUS cook! This was so neat to read and I totally remember us giving you the cookbook and making the apple crisp or apple pie :) Im so glad that we share the love of cooking :) hehe! I cant wait to read your blog and hear more about Greece :) xo, sarah

  2. Hi Andrea!
    Sarah just forwarded me he link to your blog. I'm so excited you're blogging and will look forward to reading about your adventure in Greece ( will pray for you) and in food : )
    (Sarah's mama)

  3. Thanks guys! Keep checking back for new posts!