Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Slap in the Face

     Have you ever been slapped in the face by your meal? Maybe not slapped across your face, but I would venture to say most have at some point been given a kick to a certain region of the head. The tongue. And this kick and slap I speak of is heat not of temperature but of spice.
 Some enjoy the adventure of the sensation of having your mouth on fire while others tend to enjoy the calm and soothing waters of gentler and milder flavors. If you are cooking for varied needs as I do, (I adore spicy food; I can't get enough of it. One the other hand my mother likes blah plain-ness. She can barely handle the 'kick' of oregano) There is hope. There can be a compromise. 
     As the days get hotter so does my food. Not hotter in temperature, but hotter in the context of spice. Well, I do mean hotter in temperature for the days, because it looks like we are going to be graced with another of Missouri's hot and humid summers. Although the days have been getting hotter in a "spicy" way as well. Recently everyone seems to be on edge. Everyone seems to have lost their chill pills. Maybe they need something to cool off with? I think the lime slaw and the chipotle cream may help. (While the cooling element of this dish may help cool off the dish their ability to cool off fiery people is debatable.)
Oh yes I have become side tracked and you are probably hungry and just wanting to know what it is exactly I'm making tonight. Well that's the first problem. This meal is the exact opposite of exact. It's a little bit of this and that, that wraps its way up into something that could be called a taco or a tostada, but it doesn't quite fit either definitions. More of a spicy kick and creamy cool in an palate-pleasing brawl. This meal is more of a brawl in a bite.
And now we cook...

Brawling Tostacos 


-Grilled Tortillas

-Marinated and grilled (or roasted) Chicken 

-Roasted vegetables 

-Creamy Cool Red Slaw

-Refried Beans

-Tomatillo Salsa

-Chipotle Cream


Sorry for the poor quality pictures, but trust me, these are to die for. Ok maybe not dying, but maybe falling down the stairs and messing up your hair kind of good.

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